‘Innovating responsibly’ for the world of misting.
Successfully manufactured and installed India’s 1st Mist Fan.
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Mist Magic, a fresh

Facilitating for a cooler environment

Mist Magic is a by-product of curiosity and a magical idea that runs along with the ethos of ‘Innovating Responsibly’.

Started with an aim to bring comfort in our lives, Mist Magic began its magical adventure into the world of misting in 2001. After having manufactured the 1st Mist Fan for India, it has since grown to become a leading manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of mist cooling systems. The host of products offered enable effective utilisation of outdoor spaces.


What is misting?

Misting is magical; the process of mist cooling defeats the outdoors’ heat, dust and moderates the outdoor temperature.  It effortlessly solves the temperature problem by having a cooling effect on the surroundings. Ambient Mist Cooling of outdoor spaces, it has surpassed other ways when it comes to cooling ‘effectively’. Air conditioners fail you in an open area and coolers being limited in functionality when the temperature soars high. So Mist on, and let there be Magic all around!!

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