Outdoor Cooling Solutions

Comprises of Low pressure fan systems, high pressure Mist fan systems, mist lines and mist coolers

Dust Suppression System

The new innovation for dust suppression, ‘Mist Cannon’ is based on a system of water/air spraying. It allows the water and dust particles to collide and form agglomerates by the addition of micron size water droplets to dust, making the dust too heavy to remain airborne leading it to settle on the ground.

Waste water evaporation system

With the constant endeavors to innovate and add value, Mist Magic continues to develop futuristic product based solutions on the lines of systems of water/mist spraying and its range of applications.

The working principle of this system is based on a jet of finely atomized water carried by a stream of air generated by a fan

Other Products

Our other products include Outdoor heaters, Artificial Grass, Pergolas, Bathroom heaters and towel warmers.


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