With the constant endeavours to innovate and add value, Mist Magic continues to develop futuristic product based solutions on the lines of systems of water/mist spraying and its range of applications.

The working principle of this system is based on a jet of finely atomised water carried by a stream of air generated by a fan.


Disposal of polluting solvents/liquids

Recycling facilities and processing of inert materials


The angle of rotation is adjustable automatically up to a maximum of 330 degrees. This feature can easily be overridden by allowing a full manual control of the machine. The elevation is adjustable between 0 to 45 degrees for the efficient management of range and the control of mobile system that can be operated in Auto/Manual Mode.

Depending on the kind of system the water consumption varies from just 30 litres/min up to 300 litres/min.

The mobile system can also be used as an autonomous and independent system, through the use of a vehicle equipped with a generator and a water tank.